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Sustainable supply chain management: contributions of supplies markets

Cristino Alberto Gómez-Luciano; Félix Rafael Rondón Domínguez; Fernando González-Andrés; Beatriz Urbano López de Meneses Journal of Cleaner Production
The current sustainability concern is causing the food supply chain to extend their focus beyond traditional economic goals to the triple bottom line approach. This paper argues for the implementation of a glocal sustainable supply chain (GSSC) in developing countries. The literature has identified antecedents and drivers for the adoption of sustainable supply chain management. However, there is relatively little research on methodological and empirical approaches that take into account the dynamic nature of developing countries and bridge the existing global/local divide. To address this gap, this paper first reviews the theoretical foundation and literature as well as the link between the sustainability of the supply chain and glocalisation; second, the supply chain is analysed and its per…