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"Let's help to build a dream"

Cristino Alberto Gómez Luciano

At EARTH University, the third year students have the opportunity to be directly involved with the communities and different types of organizations. That is mainly done through the internship that students realize in the last trimester of the referred level of their studies, but also with the Community Work Experience during the two previous trimesters.

Last friday, august 16, four Earth University students offered a presentation about what they did during the last trimester. Andrés Sánchez, Glenda Lagos, Alcides Thomas and Cristino Alberto Gómez were working with a rural community called Barrio San Martín, in Jiménez, one of the districts of Pococí municipality in Costa Rica. Their elaborated an diagnostic about the social condition of people in Barrio San Martín, considering education, family composition, earth posession and legality, basic services installed to houses among others aspects. All the works during the trimester were realized in coordination with the San José University (U-San José), specifically the university enclosure of Guápiles, Pococí, which had started a social help project called "Ayudemos a construir un sueño" (Let's help to build a dream). This project have been providing the poorest families of Barrio San Martín with the basic items they need to live and to educate their children.

The presentation was given at the Audiovisual Conferences Room of Earth University, from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning, with the participation of several important personalities of both universities, including the director of U-San José, Greivin Arrieta, the director of the enclosure of Guápiles, Leidys González, the director of Earth Community Development Program, Héctor Medrano, among others such as some members of U-San José Scholars Group.

The activity was concluded with the invitation to continue the project in the future, using the results of the social diagnostic to consider the needs and expectations of the communitarians, in order to help them to find the solution of their main needs, not only the material ones but also the educational one that make them capable to manage their own development process.

August 17, 2007 2:37 AM

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