Yes, we’ll do it.

Cristino Alberto Gómez
I am optimistic about the human ability to preserve the nature for future, because as time pass, we are each time more informed and conscious about the relation between our actions and the nature. This consciousness is relatively new and that is maybe the reason because our actions to appropriately manage the natural resources and biodiversity have not been very notable. I think the humanity don’t have another way: we need, and we are going to think in tomorrow.
Institutions, governments, communities, enterprises, are each day more active in promoting and implementing initiatives to preserve the nature and to utilize it in a more sustainable way. This is a light that indicates a hope.
We are missing a political will, but we have the ability to act. The problem can be reduced if people who know about the situation of a degrading nature decide to be active part of the decision and not more using the knowledge in the single way of criticizing what others are not doing. We need more action, and that action can be the best as they are leaded by people who know the reason to act.
It can be difficult; it can be later than the desired time; it can be a huge challenge, but we’ll assume it as members of humankind that deserves to live in a habitable planet, conscious of being part of a system that includes millions of other species. Yes, we’ll do it.

February 9th, 2010


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